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Catskill Provisions Pop-Up On Thursday February 9th

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Come join us! If you can’t make it, be sure to check out this short interview with founder and owner Claire Marin and check them out online!

• We’re excited to be hosting your company here at La Boîte on the 9th. Can you tell us in a few sentences what the best part of your job is?

Besides working with the bees, which I get to do in the Spring through the Fall, my favorite part of what I do is working with chefs and mixologists to point out flavor details of our products. this helps them pair our honeys, maple and rye whiskey with their dishes and cocktails.

• Can you explain the difference between your two seasonal honeys?

They really are so different! All depending on what the bees discover in their flight path. Lets take the Spring varietal first. It is light in color and consistency with floral notes. It’s like Summer and sunshine! Perfectly paired with apples, pears, light cheeses, yogurt, and teas. Predominant flowers are: apple, pear, cherry, almond, hazelnut, dandelion, basswood, clover, daisy, service berry

The Fall varietal is higher in fructose designed to give bees a stronger source of energy. Nature is perfect in preparing them for a long tough winter! The flavors have deeper notes of toffee, maple, chocolate. It is once again a function of the flowers available during the late Summer through fall in Upstate NY. Predominant flowers: buckwheat, goldenrod, knotweed/bamboo, pine, chestnut, sunflower, echinacea, St John’s Wort

Catskill Provisions Gift Set

• The whisky truffles sound like a perfect item for Valentine’s day, can you tell us a bit more about how they are made?

We use a blend of Belgian chocolate to achieve a deep 72% dark base for the shell and ganache. The ganache is made with our rye whiskey which is infused with our Fall honey for perfect balance.

• And do you cook with spices? If so do you have a favorite?

I love cooking with spices! One that is my go to is Herbs De Provence. There are several that have too much lavender for my taste but some I have bought in France are amazing! Tarragon is another favorite for chicken salad for example…saffron is powerful and incredible too…

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