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Meidan Siboni

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Meidan Siboni and Omakase at the Spice Lab

Thank you Meidan for taking the time this month, can you tell us a bit more about the two upcoming dinners at the Spice Lab?

I am beyond thrilled to be cooking these two dinners in NYC. It has been a long time dream of mine to cook in NY. I was always inspired by the power of this city and the sophistication of its people. I think my menu will be inspired by art, music, architecture and beyond all the amazing qualities of fish and produce. It will be a combination of some of my signature dishes with some inspiration of the moment based on the market. I am also excited to cook for people who I’ve met via social media and will now have the chance to cook for.


Cardinal Spirits: La Boîte American Amaro!

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This month we’re catching up with Adam Quirk of Cardinal Spirits to discus our newest collaboration, La Boîte American Amaro!


It’s been a great two years since our last collaboration creating Terra Gin! Can you fill us in on where people can purchase the new Amaro and on upcoming events?

Sure can! The Amaro will be available for sale here.

We have an upcoming dinner at Claudette on Wednesday the 11th of September, tickets and more info available here.

And we’ll be pouring the amaro at a tasting at La Boîte on Thursday the 12th, from 6pm-8pm, please RSVP here if you can join us!


Cara, Honey Road, and the new Cara Blend!

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This month we sit down with Cara Tobin, owner of Honey Road in Burlington Vermont, to find out more about her and her Cara blend, which we are proud to now offer at retail!

Thanks again for taking the time, can you tell us a bit more about your journey? How’d you end up where you are today, and what are a couple steps along the way that had the biggest impact on your life?

Oh man, my journey…my culinary career has been a 20-year adventure that started in a pizza restaurant in Hanover, NH, and has taken me across the country and all over the world. I grew up in California but moved east when I was in high school. I got my first job in a professional kitchen, on the hot line, at 17, and never looked back. The adrenaline rush of it really hooked me. When I was young, cooking was a big part of my family. Everyone either cooked or talked about food. So the thought of it being something I could do as a profession was awesome and felt natural.

Growing up and cooking in California gave me a great appreciation for fresh local produce and in some ways a more Mediterranean style for cooking, though I didn’t really realize it at the time. It wasn’t until I started working at Oleana in Cambridge, Ma with Chef Ana Sortun that I started learning about and appreciating Mediterranean cuisine, especially the eastern side of the Mediterranean, and the use of spice. I was fascinated with the flavors, the traditions and the culture. I started traveling so I could try the dishes in their original form. I went to places like Turkey, Morocco, and most recently Lebanon. It blew my mind! When I started forming the ideas for my restaurant, Honey Road, I knew that these were the flavors and ideas that I wanted to cook with.


Gil Avital – Wine Classes @ La Boîte

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This month we sit down with our friend Gil Avital to hear a bit more about his background and a new class here at La Boîte, An Introduction to Wine and Spices.

Thank you Gil, can you please tell us a little bit more about yourself; how did you become an expert on wine?

First, I don’t think of myself an “expert” on wine. I fell in love with wine when I tasted my first red Burgundy back in my 20’s. Wine combines everything I love and enjoy about life: The good people who make it and their unique family history; The good people you share a glass/bottle with; and the good food you drink the wine with. Aside from taking a Sommelier course in order to learn the basics, my wine education came from learning on the job as a wine buyer and educator, and working in top NY restaurants alongside great chefs. I learn something new everyday through reading, visiting wine regions, vineyard sites, listening to growers & winemakers, and most importantly tasting, tasting, tasting!!! Knowledge is important but accepting we’ll never know everything is what makes it fun and exciting for me.