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Adam Quirk: Terra Gin from Cardinal Spirits

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This month we sit down with Adam Quirk of Cardinal Spirits of Bloomington, Indiana, creator of Terra Gin, using a custom spice blend from us here at La Boîte. This gin has been available in Indiana since last year, but starting this month will be available here in New York!


We’re very excited to welcome Terra gin to the NYC market in June. Do you know where it will be available?

Sure do! We’re being distributed by Blueprint Brands*, a fantastic distributor that we’re very excited to be working with. Terra Gin will be available initially at Mash & Grape, and at Restaurant Daniel, where it will be featured in the table-side cocktail this month. In addition, we’ll be at La Boîte from 3-6pm on Monday the 26th, pouring Terra and a couple other fun products, come see us!


Food52 Spice Box Sets!

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We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Food52!

james ransom

photo courtesy Food52 © James Ransom

We’ve curated 8 sets of blends and single spices, packed together with Spice Box, our new modular spice rack.

From Middle Eastern flavors, to the basics, to things farther afield, they’re a perfect gift for your folks, your beloved, or your new best friend.

Available starting April 10th, exclusively here.

Elizabeth Falkner ICE Food Waste Event

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Lior and Elizabeth Falkner are presenting together for the Zero Waste Food Conference at the Institute of Culinary Education at the end of the month. Here we get her thoughts on food waste, a recipe, and what she’s up to next!


Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! We’re excited to be collaborating with you.

• What’s your philosophy when it comes to minimizing food waste?

I value the energy it takes on a biological and universe level as well as the human energy to cultivate ingredients and distribute them, so I don’t over purchase and I try to use everything for something. It is something I constantly am talking about with different audiences and in recipe development.


Spice Dinner at Zahav, Thursday April 6th

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Next month Lior will be down at Zahav to cook a spice dinner with Michael Solomonov. Here we explore Michael’s thoughts on cooking, spices, and dreams.


© Michael Persico

• We’ve had a long relationship with you and you use quite a few of our blends in your restaurant. This dinner is a bit different since it is based on simple 3-5 ingredient blends from the Spice Companion. What would you like people to walk away having experienced?

We love the idea of cooking for the spice.  We oftentimes start with the protein first – but I love utilizing the spice as the star of a dish – working essentially, backwards. I want each guest to walk away and be reminded of something.  A memory awakened through each course.


Christopher Kimball – Milk Street

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This month we interview Christopher Kimball of Milk Street. Lior will be teaching a class together with Chris later this month, as well as a spice blending class on his own.


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, we’re very excited about Lior’s upcoming classes up at Milk Street and would love to learn a bit more about your take on spices and recipe development.

• You’ve had a long career in food and are widely recognized as an authority in your field. What are some areas where you still feel like you have a lot to learn?

As a cookbook author said recently, “I love cooking because every time I step into the kitchen, I am a beginner.” I have a lot to learn about everything especially, since Milk Street is setting its sights on the whole world of cooking.