The Life of Spice

Nick Anderer and Martina Pizza Spices

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This month we sit down with Nick Anderer of the newly opened pizzeria Martina in the East Village. We’re excited to share new blends we developed together that are designed to enhance pizza.

Nick Anderer

Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us! What would you say sets Martina apart from Marta (which you opened in 2014) and what experience would you like for patrons to have?

Martina reminds me more of the rustic and lively neighborhood joints I loved when I was in Rome. We wanted it to still be beautiful like Marta, but with the energy that comes from a cozy and casual space.


Stuart Cameron of Byblos: Miami Spice Dinner August 31st

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Stuart Cameron is the executive chef for Byblos Restaurants, with locations in Toronto, Miami, and Dubai. This month we interview him in advance of our upcoming Spice Dinner at Byblos Miami on August 31st. Get your tickets here!


This is second spice dinner we’ve done with you and with Byblos. Toronto was a blast, and we’re very much looking forward to Miami on the 22nd.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us this month and answer a few questions! What would you like participants in the upcoming spice dinner to walk away having experienced?

Collab dinners are always a blast and Miami really gets behind them. This one’s going to be huge!! Lior has a great presence in Miami and chefs really love his products… so it’s a great opportunity for the Miami foodies to come down and meet him… It’s all about the food!!


The Villa at Saugerties: Spice Weekend August 19th

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This month we sit down with Amanda Zaslow and Joe Moseley, owners/operators of The Villa at Saugerties, a unique and intimate bed and breakfast located north of us in the Hudson Valley. Lior will be there the weekend of the 19th to teach a spice class for guests and to spice up Joe and Amanda’s market dinner at The Barn on Saturday night. To reserve your stay please email or call 845.246.5440.

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Thank you for taking the time, we’re very excited to be doing an event where so many of the photos from The Spice Companion were shot. Please tell us a bit more about Saturday dinners at The Barn and what guests should expect:

Joe: The dinners at The Barn have been a great way for us to get to know our guests over a casual feast. After breakfast, I go to the farmer’s market and other local purveyors to select the most seasonal and fresh ingredients available to develop my menu for the evening. I focus on simple, unfussy preparations. Using the best ingredients that we can find locally not only supports our farmers, but always seems to taste the best. We love to invite guests to overlook the lily pond on the dining patio as the sky turns pinkish, and we’ll start with some little plates to get the evening going. Guests bring their own wine, and over four courses of simple food, served family style, we all become friends.


Brandon Shapiro of Wildwood Kitchen: Spice Dinner August 9th

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Brandon Shapiro is the Chef de Cuisine at Bethesda’s Wildwood Kitchen. Next month on August 9th he and Lior will be doing their second spice dinner together. This month we sit down with Brandon to get to know him better and talk spices!

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We’re delighted to be joining you for a Spice Dinner on Wednesday August 9th. The first one was splendid and we are excited to build on it and introduce more people to the magic of spices. In this interview we’d love to get a better sense of who you are, what inspires you, and what you love about spices.

First, what’s your favorite thing about your job?

My favorite thing about being the chef at Wildwood Kitchen is getting to work with an amazing team in the kitchen to create interesting and memorable dishes that use the very best ingredients we can serve – all with the tremendous encouragement and expert guidance of chef / owner Robert Wiedmaier. The guests who come to Wildwood Kitchen are very much like family as we are happy to welcome so many from the surrounding residents in our restaurant several times a week. We would like to think that they consider us an extension of their dining room table. I look forward to their next visit and to surprise them with new flavors of the season.


Adam Quirk: Terra Gin from Cardinal Spirits

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This month we sit down with Adam Quirk of Cardinal Spirits of Bloomington, Indiana, creator of Terra Gin, using a custom spice blend from us here at La Boîte. This gin has been available in Indiana since last year, but starting this month will be available here in New York!


We’re very excited to welcome Terra gin to the NYC market in June. Do you know where it will be available?

Sure do! We’re being distributed by Blueprint Brands*, a fantastic distributor that we’re very excited to be working with. Terra Gin will be available initially at Mash & Grape, and at Restaurant Daniel, where it will be featured in the table-side cocktail this month. In addition, we’ll be at La Boîte from 3-6pm on Monday the 26th, pouring Terra and a couple other fun products, come see us!