The Life of Spice

Interview with WTOP News

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various spices on old wooden table

various spices on old wooden table

World’s ‘spice wizard’: How to use and make spices at home

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Interview with The New American Kitchen

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Spice master Lior Lev Sercarz chats with The New American Kitchen’s Gary Duff about his journey into the American spice trade and his latest book, The Spice Companion.

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Marco Canora – Brodo and Spices

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We’re excited to sit down with Marco Canora this month. He discusses Brodo, his increasingly popular broth shop, spices, the future of food, and shares a great risotto recipe.


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1. We’re very excited to have collaborated with you on the spices for your new products at Brodo, can you tell us a bit about a couple favorite flavors?

We are thrilled with our collaboration as well – all of the blends you’ve helped us create are fantastic! The Tom Yum spice is by far my personal favorite and a customer favorite as well… when combined with chili oil, coconut milk and a squeeze of lime it’s pretty damned addictive. The BBQ spice runs a close second in terms of popularity – it has a slightly smoky sweetness that complements the “texas two-step” in a way that amplifies the inherent beefiness of the beef broth and bone marrow.


Voyager Profile – Afghan Saffron from Rumi Spice

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Our Voyager Single Spices are sourced from the best producers, this month we sit down with Kimberly Jung, co-founder of Rumi Spice, importers of saffron from rural producers in Afghanistan.


1. Thank you again for taking the time, first, what’s the difference between high and low grade saffron and how does one tell the difference?

High grade saffron is a deep red in color, with a strong floral fragrance. At Rumi Spice, our saffron is 25% above the required crocin level for Category I, the highest grade of saffron according to ISO 3632. Low grade saffron smells stale, includes too much of the yellow part of the stigma, and in some instances, contains fake threads. The best way to determine the quality of saffron is to steep a few threads in warm water for 15 minutes and compare the intensity of flavor.