Pickled Jalapeños

You never have to buy pickled peppers if you know how to make them, plus you can use whatever produce and spices you like. Try these on your next taco or sandwich for some spicy heat.

Coriander & Garlic – Recipe by Lior Lev Sercarz

Makes 1 pint

Ingredients & Instructions

4-5 jalapeños – washed and sliced
20 grams salt
35 grams vinegar (any kind you like or have)
Coriander seeds
dry sliced garlic
1 pint size mason jar (or double the recipe and use a quart jar)

– Bring 2 cups of water to a simmer with salt and vinegar. Set aside.

– Layer the sliced jalapeño in the jar while sprinkling in some coriander seeds and garlic slices between each layer.

– Pour the warm brine on top and seal with the lid. Set aside on the counter overnight and then store in the refrigerator.

other options:
1) Substitute one jalapeño with a carrot (thinly sliced)
2) Use any other spice combination you like
3) Use the brine from the pickles for salad dressing or Martinis.