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The La Boîte Spice Challenge!

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Here’s what you do to enter The La Boîte Spice Challenge:

Create your own spice blend and at least one dish using your blend, post it on Instagram, and share the recipe, tag with #laboitespicechallenge
Tag a friend who you think would like to participate also

Winners will each receive one of the last two cans of Lior’s father’s olive oil, a selection of halva and spices, plus a gift card.

All entries received by midnight ET on Wednesday May 20th will be considered, and we’ll announce the winners shortly after and feature their recipes on our social media and in our email newsletter.

Not on social media? You’re welcome to submit everything to us via email and instead share this challenge with a friend using this link.

Mitchell Davis

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This month we have an interview with Mitchell Davis of the James Beard Foundation, he answers some questions about the foundation and its efforts to support the restaurant community, and shares his recipe for matzo brei!

Credit: Clay Williams for The James Beard Foundation.
© Clay Williams –

Thanks for taking the time Mitchell, so the James beard Foundation has set up a relief fund for restaurants, can you let our readers know what the funds are being used for and anything that has been accomplished thus far?

The fund is for restaurants who need immediate cash to help bridge the time between now and when they might receive any government stimulus money to sustain their businesses. We are making $15,000 emergency grants to independent restaurants provided they have completed the application and offered proof of business on a first-come, first-served basis (divided into geographic regions of the country that align with the regional James Beard Awards). We hope the money will be used to support staff, to keep the lights on, and other immediate needs in this crisis moment.


Rachel from Seed + Mill

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It’s been (4!) years since we last sat down with our friends at Seed + Mill. This month we have an interview with co-founder Rachel Simons and are proud to announce our latest batch of collaborative hamantaschen.

First off, what’s new with you all? It’s been quite a while!

How did 4 years pass by so quickly! It feels like yesterday that we first reached out to you to discuss a spice collaboration! And here we are, about to launch a couple of new custom blends! So excited to be collaborating with La Boîte again on a Japanese Togarashi spice and Everything Bagel spice mix!  It’s also lovely to be building annual traditions with you – like our Halvataschen collab we are bringing back this week. We put up a note about this on Instagram a few days ago, and I swear, they are almost sold out already!!!


Jonathan Borowitz

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This month we have an interview of Jonathan Borowitz, owner of M25 in Tel Aviv. He’ll be cooking two collaboration dinners in NYC with Lior at our Spice Lab.

How do you feel about being back to cook in the city that started it all?

When I first walked into a real kitchen, it was in New York back in 2002. Also, my first significant culinary experiences, both as a cook and as a diner, happened in here, so it’s good to be back!