Grilled Peaches

Not just something to add to tea, here jasmine blossoms lend floral and bitter balancing notes to grilled peaches.

Jasmine Blossom – Recipe by Christian Leue


Jasmine Blossom
Olive Oil

To serve: salt, ricotta or vanilla ice cream, fresh herbs (I had mint and lemon thyme on hand)


Heat your grill (this is a great thing to make after you have finished grilling everything else, the peaches will cook while you eat and be ready for dessert).

Halve your peaches and remove the pits (a grapefruit spoon works great for pit removal).

Prepare a large sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil, scatter salt, honey, and a few pinches of jasmine blossom over the surface, then lay the peaches over cut side down.

Fold and seal to make a tight packet and cook on the grill, covered for 30-40 depending on your heat and the size of the peaches.

Open the pouch and cook for a few minutes more.

Plate on a large platter over blobs of fresh ricotta and garnish with herbs and coarse salt. Or serve over vanilla ice cream or halva labne cream.


Food images and recipe © Christian Leue

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