For me guacamole is at its finest when it is simple. Just a bit of spice, salt, and crunch allows the delicate flavor and opulent texture of avocados to take center-stage. And it makes a perfect blank canvas if you want to get creative with toppings.

Shabazi N38 – Recipe by Christian Leue


3 ripe Haas avocados*
1/2 small sweet or white onion, 1/8″ dice
juice of 1/2 lime (about 1 tablespoon)
1-3 teaspoons of Shabazi N38 (depending on how hot you like it)
Salt, to taste

optional, if you like: fresh cilantro, fresh jalapeño, green hot sauce (my favorite is this one by Primo’s Peppers).

making ahead – if you substitute part of your lime juice with powdered Vitamin C, the extra antioxidant will help keep your guacamole green longer

*Avocado tips: buy them green and hard, always from Mexico or California, make sure the skins aren’t spotty, and that the stem is firmly attached. Ripen them on the counter until the stem end yields gently to the touch, generally 4-7 days (if you need them to ripen faster put them together with bananas in a paper bag, the ethylene gas from the bananas will speed the process). When they are ripe you can move them to the top shelf in the refrigerator to maintain peak freshness and texture for a few more days


Halve, seed, quarter, then peel your avocados (this is the easiest order), lay them on a large cutting board, and sprinkle with lime juice.

Using a large knife chop the avocado quarters into small pieces; it’s ok for the pieces to be uneven just make sure that none are huge.

Add the other ingredients, mix and mash lightly with your hands or a fork, adjust your seasonings to your tastes, then stir gently to incorporate. You want the pieces of avocado to remain distinct but held together.

Ideas & Tips

• To store guacamole make sure none of the surface is in contact with air. Fill your container all the way or use a plastic bag and squeeze the air out. This guacamole can also be frozen as there are no tomatoes in it (which get mealy when frozen), so you can make a bunch now to enjoy later. Just defrost in the fridge overnight.

• Try topping your guacamole with different ingredients and spices for a fun treat

• Some people like to add tomatoes. My recommendation if you do this is to salt them after dicing, and then pat them dry before mixing them in, so your guacamole doesn’t get watery.

• This guacamole is pretty chunky and is great for eating with chips. You can also purée it with some water and/or sour cream to make it pipeable. Fill a piping bag or squeeze bottle and drizzle it on nachos, enchiladas or tacos before serving.


Food images and recipe © Christian Leue

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