Halva Floss Banana Split

This is a Leue family favorite. Using halva floss and ripe bananas lets you use fewer ingredients and less syrup and still have a sweet treat. A tip for slicing fully ripe bananas is included.

Halva Floss – Recipe by Christian Leue

Makes one


1 ripe but not mushy banana (light spots all over the peel is perfect), unpeeled
Two small scoops of vanilla ice cream
A drizzle of chocolate syrup
A few big pinches of halva floss

garnishes are up to you! see below for some of my ideas


• Leave the banana unpeeled and cut off the stem and flower ends. Now cut the banana in half lengthwise, the peel will help keep the banana from breaking. Peel each half and put them in a bowl.

• Nestle the ice cream between the bananas, then top with chocolate syrup and halva floss.

• Some other great things to add on top include finely chopped pistachios, a sprinkle of Urfa, cherries (my son Max likes both the neon maraschino and the more understated amarena), thin sheets of sesame candy, or a dollop or two of whipped cream

• Enjoy!

Fun to try

• This dessert is very simple and is a perfect blank canvas for experimenting with other flavors, here are some of my favorites (keep the halva, bananas, and ice cream and add):

• If your bananas are too ripe try making fritters. Add chunks of banana to instant pancake batter mix along with some sesame seeds and/or pine nuts. Add water until a very thick batter forms, then scoop out small balls with a spoon and either shallow or deep fry until crisp and cooked through. Serve them either like the split above, or with a crème anglaise to dip them into.

• You can also freeze ripe bananas (peel them first) and then blend them with milk to make a light and delicious treat. Add enough milk (you can use cow milk or anything plant-based, up to you) to get the thickness you like, and try some of the flavor combinations above. Since it’s a liquid try adding a bit of tahini instead of halva for sesame flavor.


Food images and recipe © Christian Leue

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