Pickled Persimmons w/ Isphahan N.1

One of my favorite winter fruits. I grew up eating persimmons as a snack, often with yogurt and toast (it’s a Japanese thing). With Thanksgiving around the corner, I started thinking about a seasonal side that’d be a good match for rich and heavy foods. Isphahan is bright (limon Omani), savory (garlic), and aromatic (cardamom). Together with cider vinegar, brown sugar, and hot chiles, this blend transforms a simple fruit into a perfect pickle for the holidays, festively orange, crunchy, and ready overnight. Also perfect with nearly any cheese.

Isphahan N.1 – Recipe by Christian Leue

Makes 1 quart


3           firm fuyu persimmons*
1           cup cider vinegar
½         cup dark brown sugar
½         cup water
½         tsp chile flakes of your choice, I like urfa
2           big pinches of salt
1 Tbsp Isphahan N.1

* Make sure to get Fuyu (flat) persimmons, the crisper the better. Hachiya persimmons (pointy) are highly tannic and cannot be eaten until soft.


1. In a small saucepot simmer the water with the brown sugar and Isphahan for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, fine strain into a measuring cup and add the cider vinegar.

2. Peel the persimmons and cut into eighths, rub with chile and salt and pack into a quart jar.

3. Pour the spiced vinegar over the persimmons and place in the fridge. Ready the next day and keeps for about two weeks.

Fun to try

Experiment with different sweeteners (molasses, honey, maple), or chiles (Aleppo, ancho, cascabel).


Food image and recipe © Christian Leue. Questions? Contact christian@laboiteny.com