Wild Rice

This recipe is from reader Robert Kostes. Subbing Pierre and Cancale for pepper and salt makes this hearty grain shine.

Pierre Poivre and Cancale – Recipe by Robert Kostes

Serves 2-4


Olive oil
Shallot (or white onion – chopped fine)
Garlic – chopped fine
Cancale – #11 (note that Cancale has salt)
Pierre Poivre – #7
Wild Rice (rinsed) – 100% real wild rice. Not the box of white rice with five grains of wild rice in it.
White wine (optional – as if doing risotto)
Chicken Stock (I used to make my own but I find Costco stock to be great and the best from any stores) 3:1 ratio of liquid to rice

Dried cranberries (note that these are little sugar bombs so not too many)
Walnut chunks. I crush them as best I can in my hand. No knife.


Sauté (no color) the onions and garlic. Add the Cancale and Pierre Poive. Sauté a bit. Add the rice.

If using wine, add the wine now (medium to high temp) and let the rice absorb it before adding the stock.

Add stock, cover, bring to boil, then turn to super low. I have a gas stove and even the lowest flame provides a vigorous simmer.

Wild rice can take 30-40 minutes to cook. When the grains open it is done. You may need to add more stock as you go. You do not want the pot to become completely dry.

About half way through, add the cranberries and walnuts.

Wild rice is very forgiving. You can cook partway and leave the finishing for service. You can cook all the way and reheat at service with a little more stock. You can make a ton and reheat over the next several days. It freezes well in either a vacuum bag or container. The container should have some stock in it to prevent freezer burn.